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Benoît Gouez

“A career path shaped by chance encounters…and a great deal of daring.”

Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave at Moët & Chandon since 2005, took his own unique route to becoming a champagne maker. As he says, “I wasn’t brought up in the world of vintners. My career path was shaped by series of chance encounters and fortunate circumstances, and, above all, by an innate flair for this profession.” Thanks to his keen instincts, Gouez quickly grasped the Moët & Chandon spirit. “Champagne is all about sharing—it’s a rich, passion-filled world. I love to share. I love dinners with friends, good conversation, exchanging ideas and different points of view. I love to celebrate, to make every moment in life as good as it can be.”

Gouez’s enthusiasm, expertise and openness propelled him to his current position as Chef de Cave. For Gouez, winemaking consists of a subtle mix of technique and sensitivity, knowledge and creativity. His ten years of experience at the Moët & Chandon vineyards, his talent and his daring hold out tantalizing promise for future celebrations.

Benoît Gouez’s unparalleled mastery of his art ensures champagne with the distinctive Moët & Chandon character. He keeps the house in tune with the times while remaining a firm believer in gentle evolution rather than jarring revolution.

Style and integrity, two of Gouez’s most marked personal qualities, are essential to his ability to bring out the best in each year’s harvest and, in his words, “to highlight and sublimate the special characteristics of the grape varieties grown in the Champagne region.” With his wonderful panache and consummate respect for the natural qualities of the fruit, this young, atypical Chef de Cave is the ideal guardian of the Moët & Chandon spirit.

Winemaking techniques, no matter how well mastered, are nothing without the intuition, finesse and sensitivity that characterise Moët & Chandon’s Chef de Cave. The firm’s history, culture and traditions are in good hands with Benoît Gouez. “The Moët & Chandon heritage is handed down from generation to generation. We are a house with deep root s in the past and eyes looking toward the future.”


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