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Matt Preston

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Matt Preston is an award-winning food journalist, restaurant critic and television personality. He writes a national column for the Taste Section for all NewsCorp’s metro newspapers read by 4 million Australians every week. Best known as a judge and co-host on MasterChef Australia, Preston is also a senior editor for delicious. and taste magazine.

Preston has now appeared in seven series of the ratings juggernaut MasterChef Australia as well as one series each of Celebrity MasterChef, Junior MasterChef, MasterChef Allstars. In 2013 he hosted MasterChef: The Professionals with Marco Pierre White, which was named Australia’s Best Reality Show at the 2014 AACTA Awards. Matt has also been a guest judge on MasterChef Italia and MasterChef NZ.

Preston has released three best-selling cookbooks which have been published in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the Netherlands and are soon to be released in Portugal.

Matt is also a keen tennis player but due to an extreme lack of talent he is extremely unlikely to ever win a wild card slot for the Australian Open.

Matt Preston is an award-winning food journalist and cookbook author. He is also the co-host and judge on one of the most-watched cooking shows in the world, MasterChef Australia.

Matt writes a weekly column for delicious on Sunday read by 4million Australians every week. He is also a senior editor for delicious and taste magazines, and contributes to one of Australia’s best read website, with a monthly reach of 2 million food lovers.

Using his signature approach showcased in his 5 best-selling cook books, Matt shows us how to become best friends with your freezer and buddies with your pantry, making the most of everyday food stuffs that often languish at the back of the cupboard.

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