Olsson’s Sea Salt Masterclass | Noosa Eat and Drink

Olsson’s Sea Salt Masterclass

19 May 2019 5:30pm $35

Alexandra Olsson, director of Australia's oldest family-owned salt company will present an in-depth look at the fascinating world of salt.

Following her lifelong passion for food, after high school Alex attended SITC Tete-de-Ran, a hospitality school in Switzerland before returning to Australia to commence her career in the restaurant and hotel trade.

Alex joined the family company in 1997 and has been instrumental in the development of a unique set of sea salt products including Australia’s first grey salt: Olsson’s Macrobiotic Sea Salt, Olsson’s Sea Salt Flakes, Olsson’s Truffle Salt and Olsson’s Red Gum Smoked Salt (a collaboration between Ross Lusted and Pialligo Estate Smokehouse, Canberra).

Salt is one of the most ubiquitous but misunderstood ingredients in our modern food culture. During this talk, light will be shed on many misconceptions surrounding this seemingly innocuous substance. The masterclass will conclude with a food and beverage salt matching experience showcasing Olsson’s salts, Australian Shiraz, Japanese Sake and dark chocolate.

Wine and Saké pairing included.

Please note, Olsson's Masterclasses are only accessible to those with a Festival Village pass. Each of masterclass sessions run for 40 minutes.

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