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The Pumpkin House

Why is our 100% Pumpkin Seed Oil and Pumpkin Seed Pesto so special and unique is just because it is a family owned business from Slovenia and we create it years and years using the same old fashioned procedure (my mom is the third generation making and creating Pumpkin Seeds products).

It exists more than 800 different varieties of pumpkins, but only one has a suitable pumpkin seeds for making and extracting oil from their seeds- the styrian pumpkin from Slovenia. The quality of Pumpkin Seed Oil depends mainly on the quality of the pumpkin seeds used. The finer the quality of pumpkin seeds, the more exquisite the Pumpkin Seed Oil produced.

Every single bottle of The Pumpkin house`s 100% unrefined and pure Pumpkin Seed Oil is hand-made, made and pressed from the Styrian Pumpkin Seeds grown in their native land, Slovenia.

At the 2019 Festival we will be having:

- 100% Pumpkin Seed Oil,

- Pumpkin Seed Pesto, (this product hasn’t been existing earlier in Australia at all, and this is the product, which makes THE PUMPKIN HOUSE brand unique and the team to be proud of)

- Pumpkin Seeds (Raw and Roasted+Salted),

- Pumpkin Seed Oil Dip,

- 100% Hemp Seed Oil,

- 100% Walnut Oil,

- 100% Flax seed Oil.

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